BPMster Online Music Distributors (on TuneDome): WAR-CHILD

BPMster Online Music Distributors: WAR-CHILD

This page belongs to a valued global music distribution channel, partner or affiliate working personally with TuneDome founder Luke Kelvin (BPMster) or with TuneDome. TuneDome has two goals: one is to promote EDM talent through TuneDome EDM Network (more info), and the other is to offer a reliable digital music distribution channel to help EDM producers reach out to their global audiences in all languages.

BPMster / TuneDome Digital Music Distribution: WAR-CHILD

EDM artists of all styles, tempos and moods who use TuneDome Records for distribution and/or work with BPMstr / BPMSTER.COM to release music internationally will enjoy resources available via this excellent music platform. War Child is not really about music. It is about helping children. But music helps us get a lot father. Please check out the site and you will know how and why. War Child is driven by 7digital – a leading digital media delivery company based in London and operating globally. 7digital has worked with record companies, artists, FMCG brands, retailers, consumer electronics companies, fashion brands, advertising agencies and many other organisations looking to harness the power of digital entertainment to engage customers. We are able to provide customers with access to the latest releases, as well as an extensive catalogue of some of the greatest music ever recorded across all musical genres. We have provided digital download services to over 500 partners including, Spotify, Universal Music, EMI, Warner Music, Sony, KitKat, Samsung, Hugo Boss, Yahoo!, NME, AOL, XFM, BFI and Adidas, and have delivered millions of digital products in over 25 countries.