Phase 3: Free Record Label Distribution & Mastering for EDM Producers/DJ’s

Phase 3: Free Record Label Deal – Distribute Your Dance Music on Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify & More


  • Free Publicity: Don’t need a record label? Submit your previews/teasers here.
  • Bookings: Scheduling a tour? Luke Kelvin (our founder) may help – view form.
  • Tracks below 145bpm: If your demos are NOT hard dance, submit them to our label EDMstr – it releases mainstream EDM styles (techno, house, dubstep, etc).


Primary TuneDome dance music distributiuon channelsAs part of our network’s continued effort to promote new EDM talent, TuneDome Records (part of TuneDome EDM Network since September) has developed a special program – Fresh Talent Program – to release and distribute your dance music free of charge. We no longer accept Phase 1 or Phrase 2 applications, but Phase 3 is here – the application deadline is June 15… and that’s right around the corner!

From Beatport to iTunes, from Spotify to Shazam, your music will be promoted, will get released, and will get heard globally (list of channels), and you will NOT have to pay anything to get started! Isn’t this sweet!? All you have to do to participate is (1) read this page and (2) complete a 5-minute demo submission application (link is shown at the bottom, but please do read this page first).

Why TuneDome will Distribute Your Music Tracks with No Up-front Fees or Commissions

record label - electronic dance music - EDM - TuneDomeWe are doing this because we understand that aspiring new EDM artists may not have the resources and the connections required to distribute their own music, and we really want to help. So, review the information below and send us the awesome dance music demos your sweet tracks and albums. Remember – this is not a competition: so, we don’t require you to give up the rights to your music and we won’t play it anywhere without your consent. Our goal is simple – to find music that can excite audiences around the globe and to make that music easy to find, to listen to, and to buy.

How We Choose What EDM Tracks to Release Free

We believe that every hard-working artist has one or two really-really super-duper good tracks – or perhaps a full album – that needs just an extra push in order to win the hearts of dance crowds around the world. Well, this is your chance to shine – let’s get started! But don’t forget: If your tracks are NOT hard dance (145-170bpm), you must submit your demos to our label EDMstr Records, which reviews all demos and releases tracks in the mainstream EDM genres such as techno, house, electro, dubstep, etc. TuneDome Records at this time specializes in the harder EDM styles only.

Free Record Label Deal – Program Guidelines:

  • Free Distribution & Free Mastering from TuneDome on EDM tracks in 145-170 BPM RangeWhy release music free with our record label: Get your tracks on all the major music networks worldwide (partner list), including Beatport, iTunes, Amazon and many more.
  • Why Fresh Talent Program is good: Your music gets released free of charge and will be exposed quickly to huge audiences across the globe.
  • Timing is everything: You must submit your music to TuneDome on this website (read below for instructions) on or before June 15. The application takes just 5 minutes, but you must act fast because we may not have the time to review music from every applicant who applies during the last few days. So don’t delay!
  • Track requirements: To participate, you must provide 2 or more original EDM tracks produced by you (no remixes or mash-ups) in the 145-170 BPM Range. Important: this TuneDome program is for the harder EDM styles only – visit to send us your demos for the mainstream genres such as house, techno, electro or dubstep.
  • Nice female body with DJ headphonesWhat you pay up-front: Nothing, zero, nihil, nada, niente!
  • What you pay later: TuneDome will NOT receive any compensation or fees from you or from distributors for the first €100,000 ($133,000) of your per-track sales – this is called your Service Limit. However, all our distributors charge fees, usually as percentage; all their fees will be simply deducted from your sales, and TuneDome will not keep anything – you get 100% of the profits. Finally, when your per-track sales reach the Service Limit noted above, TuneDome will start collecting a 10% commission fee on all sales.
  • How TuneDome chooses tracks/albums: It’s simple – we will release and distribute your EDM tracks free of charge if they sound good and if they are in the correct tempo range (145-170 BPM). If you are unsure which of your tracks are marketable, submit several tracks/albums to us for review to give us a chance to select the music that we feel will help you become successful. When your track or album is selected, it will be mastered as needed and published within 2 weeks. Don’t submit music in any other tempos except 145-170 bpm; visit our label EDMstr Records and submit your demos there if your tempos are different.
  • Female DJ in fashin sunglasses scratching on turntable Where your music will be distributed: We will place your tracks in front of millions of EDM fans by putting them on Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and at many more top-rated channels. Our relationships grow all the time, and so do our distribution channels (channel list). The key is this: your music will get heard!
  • If you have a question: Go to our Contact Page and ask it – you can submit questions online or call us any time.
  • How to get started: It’s easy – just click the link below to complete and submit your application.