Dance Music Record Label: TuneDome Records

TuneDome EDM Network is now a Record Label too! Release and Distribute Your EDM Tracks on iTunes, Beatport, Spotify and more! An Introduction…

record label - electronic dance music - EDM - TuneDomeSo, do you wake up sweating at night as your brain produces new amazing beats and riffs? You are not alone! Since we officially went online a few months ago, we have been asked repeatedly, “Why can’t you help your members release their dance music?” Well, we can – because TuneDome EDM Network is now also a record label. We actually consist of two separate labels – TuneDome Records (press release), which focuses on hard dance (145-170bpm), and EDMstr Records which focuses on traditional EDM genres such as house, techno, electro, dubstep, etc.


More Info: Fresh Talent Demo Program

We recently completed the second echelon (Phase 2) of our faster and harder artist lign-up under the amazing Fresh Talent Program (a similar program is available from our other label EDMstr Records for other EDM genres). Phase 2 closed on October 15, and Phase 3 is now open – just go to this address to review the guidelines and to submit your demo(s):

labels of primary TuneDome dance music distributiuon channels

The Fresh Talent Program enables both members and non-members to submit their music to us for review and to qualify for releasing a single or an EP or even an entire album through us with no upfront costs and the lowest commission fees in the industry (a good word to describe this sweet music distribution program is “free” – hooray!). We are doing this to celebrate our wonderful move into the dance music distribution business and to help you succeed at what you do best – produce killer dance music tracks! Are your songs and albums in the works yet? Don’t put this off – finish them and send them in: from Beatport to iTunes, from Amazon to Zvooq, your music will get heard! To see our list of partners, distributors and channels click here.

Two Labels, Same Result: the World Hears Your Music.

Glowing EDM festival hand imageIt’s simple: TuneDome Records works with faster, louder and harder tunes (145-170bpm), while our other label EDMstr Records releases music in conventional genres (generally 120 to 145 bpm). So, if you are in the harder styles of EDM, stick around – because we love hard house, dubstyle, hardcore and hard tech and everything in-between. Either way, for TuneDome Records these harder and louder styles are generally represented by the tempo range of 145 to 170 BPM.

So, are you a DJ, producer or a band that loves and makes and performs harder, louder and faster dance music? Need help to release and promote your awesome tracks and to spread them across the universe? Do you “live” EDM day and night? Want to make it big as a hard dance or hardstyle producer? Working on a new or a hybrid EDM style with hard elements? …And you want to find the best value among record labels? We can help!

beautiful blonde female in white bikini dress with EDM Top 100 logoAlthough we will not take every artist, those who end up working with us will enjoy many benefits of quality hands-on service that large corporate labels are unable to provide even if they tried. TuneDome will partner closely with each artist to help in production, mastering, artwork, manufacturing, distribution and promotion, in turn ensuring the artist’s exposure and maximizing his/her chances for success.

A Message from TuneDome Founder Luke Kelvin: “Our EDM Record Label Wants to Hear Your Dance Music!”

TuneDome EDM Network founder - Luke Kelvin (a.k.a BPMstr)Welcome. I am happy you stopped by! Like many of you, I spent several years of my life after school doing things I hated. But one day in 2012, I rolled up my sleeves and dedicated my career to music – dance music. Today I bring to you TuneDome EDM Network and TuneDome Records, as well as EDMstr Records. I am an independent artist myself, and so I know how hard it is to get started in this cut-throat business… and I am here to help you.

We want to hear from you as soon as possible if you love dance music and if you make original EDM tracks. TuneDome Records is your hard dance distribution hub (145-170 bpm), while EDMstr Records ( is your classic EDM record label (120-145bpm).  Send us your demos ASAP! And if we fall in love and start working together, you will be impressed with our service. First, you will always be in control. Second, your royalties will be generous, while our fees will be modest; and you will maintain the rights to your work. Last, and most importantly, you will be involved in the process and will have many chances to provide your feedback to us to help us express your artistic persona as we market your quality electronic dance music. Our goal is simple – to see you succeed!

Do You Have Special Requirements or Preferences?

Female DJ in fashin sunglasses scratching on turntable Perhaps you know someone (a videographer, dancer, promoter, etc.) that you want to work with us closely on your next project? Great idea – we will talk to your other team members! Perhaps you want to co-op with another electronica artist on your next release? Sweet – we will reach out to them on your behalf and will help you draft your mutual strategy. One of the coolest things about TuneDome Records is that it will always work closely with TuneDome EDM Network to help get the word out about your new music and ideas and to help you both – in collaborating with other dance music artist and in reaching out to your audiences around the globe.

A Bit More on Your Next EDM Record Label – TuneDome

Sexy woman with sheet music tattoosTuneDome is a small label, but we are no rookies in the business. TuneDome founder Luke Kelvin has been involved actively in the dance music industry for over 10 years and brings you his experience in promotion, mastering, business strategy, bookings, public relations, management and many other aspects of the music business. Best of all, Luke will always be there to speak with you and to discuss your goals. In other words, just like TuneDome EDM Network, TuneDome Records and EDMstr Records were designed with YOU in mind.

Only You Can Take the First Step to Work with Our EDM Record Label

beautiful full lips of a light-skinned female music fan - biting the lower lip - sexyRemember: we cannot work with every artist, but we are in fact interested in every artist’s potential! We can’t stress this enough: SEND US YOUR DEMOS TODAY! Please understand: your music cannot submit itself to us for review… and it will never get anywhere unless people hear it. So you need to take five minutes and to send us your track/album demos. And do it today! We believe that every dance music artist deserves to be heard, and we promise to take the time and to listen to your demos/previews. We want your EDM career to be a success, and we want to grow and to succeed together with you. Please click one of the links below to submit your track demos to us as part of the Fresh Talent Program (to enjoy the lowest possible record label fees in the industry!) or for TuneDome contact page – we are easy to reach both by phone and online.

Why TuneDome Decided to Start an EDM Record Label

brunette female in a sexy white dress wearing DJ headphonesBecause we want to help you succeed as an EDM producer or DJ; because we have a good understanding of the music industry and know how to craft a good record; because we know how to promote EDM tracks; and of course, because we love dance music and have a good ear for harder and faster dance music styles. Our main goal is simple – to find dance music that can excite audiences around the globe and to make that music easy for others to find, to listen to, and to buy. This means one thing – that your next dance track could be our next favorite song and the world’s next hit!