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This page belongs to a valued global music distribution channel, partner or affiliate working with TuneDome or with BPMster (Luke Kelvin) – TuneDome founder. TuneDome and BPMster personally have two goals: one is to help promote EDM producers through TuneDome EDM Network (more info), and two is to digitally distribute uplifting dance music internationally to reach out to global music festival, concert and club audiences.

TuneDome Digital Music Distribution via BPMster:

Vidzone (Vidzone Digital Media) is considered by many to be the leader in off-network dance music distribution. It has a broad global reach to help ensure that TuneDome Records – as well as BPMster / Luke Kelvin’s personal collaboration projects – succeed at reaching broad international audiences on all continents – both online and on mobile networks. VidZone Digital Media is the leading distributor of Independent music via Mobile Networks internationally and the company is at the forefront of off-network music distribution. With more than 100 distribution partnerships across 40 countries, VidZone Digital Media has relationships with most of the major global digital entertainment companies. EDM producers of dance tracks in all styles and using TuneDome (TuneDome Records) for distribution and/or working with BPMstr / BPMSTER.COM to release their music internationally will benefit from the resources available on this excellent mobile music platform.


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