Global Music Distribution: JOOS.COM

Global Music Distribution: JOOS

This page belongs to one of our global music distribution channels, affiliates or partners. TuneDome has two core goals: one is to help EDM producers gain international recognition by promoting them through TuneDome EDM Network (free membership), and two is to digitally distribute music internationally to help EDM producers reach out to every dance music fan in every country on the planet. This global music distributor is an excellent resource for TuneDome Records.

A message from JOOS to EDM Producers

Joos / is a distribution hub for dance music focused on the South Korean market. South Korea is a fantastic venue to market your music, with channels set up to track your earnings effectively and to distribute your tracks and remixes quickly. You will appreciate the resources that are available to you from Joos when your dance music is distributed through TuneDome Records.