Online Music Distribution with TuneDome: JB HI-FI NOW ( affiliate)

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This page belongs to a valued global music distribution channel, partner or affiliate working closely with TuneDome or with BPMster (Luke Kelvin) – TuneDome founder. TuneDome and BPMster personally have two goals: one is to help promote EDM producers through TuneDome EDM Network (more info), and two is to digitally distribute uplifting dance music internationally to reach out to global music festival, concert and club audiences.

TuneDome Channels Powered by (on TuneDome): JB HI-FI NOW

We are committed to working closely with TuneDome and with its founder Luke Kelvin (BPMster). Artists using TuneDome Records and collaborating with BPMster/ will benefit from the resources available to them through our platform. JB Hi-Fi NOW is an Australian music streaming service provided by chain store JB Hi-Fi. This music streaming service offers millions of songs to subscribing customers and streams music over the internet to Windows or Mac users and across mobile networks to Apple, Android and Windows 7 mobile phones.