Global Music Distribution: iMESH – International EDM Hub

Global Music Distribution: iMESH International EDM Hub

This page belongs to one of our global music distribution channels, affiliates or partners. TuneDome has two core goals – one is to help EDM producers gain international recognition by promoting them through TuneDome EDM Network (free membership), and two is to distribute music internationally to help EDM producers reach into the heart of every dance music lover in every country on the planet by effectively promoting their tracks and albums.

A word from iMesh (.com) to dance music producers

MediaNet’s world-class technology platform is the driving force behind – an international hub for dance music distribution. MediaNet powers music and media delivery for brands of all sizes including iLike, Zune, HMV, Tesco, MOG, Ultimate Guitar and many more. EDM producers/artists will benefit greatly from exposure of their music on MediaNet networks, including