Global Music Distribution: HMV DIGITAL

Global Music Distribution: HMV DIGITAL

This page is about one of our valued music distribution channels, affiliates or partners. TuneDome is happy to offer electronic dance music record label services with global distribution and reach to every country and every continent on the planet.

A message from HMV DIGITAL to EDM Producers

Established in 2004, 7digital is the driving force behind HMV DIGITAL – its leading partner in digital media delivery based in London. Combining our secure and robust technology platform with the broadest agreements within the digital media industry, we provide comprehensive digital download services to a wide range of partners around the world. We have worked with record companies, artists, FMCG brands, retailers, consumer electronics companies, fashion brands, advertising agencies and many other organisations looking to harness the power of digital entertainment to engage customers.

We have exceptional relationships within the music industry; we have a fully licensed catalogue of over 8 million tracks in MP3 format, giving us the broadest MP3 reach in the world. In fact, we were the first company in Europe to have a 100% MP3 offering, including content from all the major labels. We are able to provide customers with access to the latest releases, as well as an extensive catalogue of some of the greatest music ever recorded across all musical genres.

We have provided digital download services to over 500 partners including, Spotify, Universal Music, EMI, Warner Music, Sony, KitKat, Samsung, Hugo Boss, Yahoo!, NME, AOL, XFM, BFI and Adidas, and have delivered millions of digital products in over 25 countries.”