Global Music Distribution: eMusic

Global Music Distribution: eMusic

This page is about one of our valued music distribution channels, affiliates or partners. TuneDome is happy to offer electronic dance music record label services with global distribution and reach to every country and every continent on the planet.

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eMusic offers music lovers and casual music fans a more immersive, authentic music experience and better prices than mass market digital music retailers. It combines award-winning editorial, a state-of-the-art recommendations system, and social media features to provide the most musical context for an enthusiastic community of music fans, record labels, and artists alike. Customers are encouraged to explore music with subscription-based pricing that rewards discovery at a better value than any legal competitor.

The groundbreaking digital music retailer was one of the first to sell DRM-free music in the popular MP3 format beginning in 1998 and became the first service to sell audiobooks in MP3 in 2007. MP3 is the only DRM-free digital format that offers all the functions of physical music products such as the CD and is compatible with all digital audio devices, including the iPod and Zune.