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WELCOME: TuneDome is Live Nov 1, 2012

The Super-Short Version: TuneDome is a Free EDM Network

  • A free member-driven Facebook network + blog for artists, producers/DJ’s.
  • Promotes music/ideas among EDM artists and actively involved EDM fans.
  • Went live Nov 1, 2012 and founded by BPMstr | The Artist of the Tempo.
  • Get news and inspiration, learn, connect, watch videos, share music/ideas.
  • Be heard: promote your music/projects, find fans, gain online exposure.
  • Next Step: Click a link below OR scroll for more info OR connect on Facebook personally with the network founder Luke Kelvin.

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The Regular-Short Version: TuneDome

TuneDome EDM Network - uniting EDM artists everywhereTuneDome EDM Network is a free member-driven community that aims to inspire, unite, educate and promote cool Electronic Dance Music artists around the globe. TuneDome EDM Network was founded by BPMstr (a.k.a. Luke Kelvin) and went live on November 1, 2012. TuneDome ‘lives’ in two places:

  • on Facebook (click to become a free member), and
  • on this website (log in free to join.

TuneDome is where you can:

  • Promote *your* music and ideas... Actively generate EDM news and opinions and grow your online presence as an active participant in the EDM industry;
  • Enjoy a cool EDM blog… TuneDome Blog is growing fast and contains cool video footage, discussions, news and any other material that TuneDome members want to share with the rest of the EDM world.

You will enjoy TuneDome if you are a music producer or an artist, or if you are an EDM fan and want to do more than just listen to music or get the news. Please log in to participate, and also consider getting in touch with us to feature your tracks or ideas on TuneDome or to undertake a new and exciting project together – we will be thrilled to hear from you.

Use the control that looks like this on the blog page to choose your favorite browsing category...Finally, to find cool TuneDome EDM Network videos/tracks and music talk, you don’t need to look hard. Simply click the TuneDome Blog button below, and then use the red “PICK A TOPIC/AREA” dropdown in the sidebar on the left to find cool TuneDome tracks/music and discussions that interest you most.

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The Long Version: More about TuneDome

BPMstr (a.k.a. Luke Kelvin) - TuneDome EDM Network FounderThanks for browsing in – it means a world! So, what is TuneDome? It is a free community for Electronic Music professionals, and you will dig it (read on). I am BPMstr | The Artist of the Tempo, and you can read more about me on my personal EDM website if you have the time. I founded TuneDome on November 1, 2012 because I love Electronic Dance Music and want to unite EDM artists around the world to generate cool ideas, to collaborate and to spread the word about good dance music.

So, TuneDome ‘lives’ in two places:

  • On Facebook… This is where you become a free member and interact with other EDM producers, DJ’s, promoters, managers, and their (and your) devoted fans to learn, to promote ideas, to find inspiration, and to get united with cool like-minded people. Click here to join us on FB.
  • On this website… Whenever TuneDome team or a member (log in free to join) finds a cool song/artist, event or a concept in the EDM industry, we
    • will collaborate on TuneDome’s Facebook page (here is the link again) to spread the cool news, and
    • will publish related video/music/discussion materials on this website for EDM artists and their fans to enjoy.

TuneDome is cool for electronica artists and fans:

  • Join TuneDome to share your talent with the world! Do you make music? There are just two things you need to do. First, connect with TuneDome on on Facebook and start interacting with other members to promote your ideas and yourself. Second, become a free member/subscriber – just click here: this will allow you to send us your latest cool tune/song/idea to publicize your masterpieces through this website and will enable you to become a contributor (that’s also free) to promote yourself or your friends even further! Finally, check out our YouTube channel (
  • If you are a Music Fan… Follow refreshing music trends, artists, and connect with other cool people like you and with your favorite and with new EDM artists – producers and DJs – from around the globe. Also, please consider contributing a cool topic or idea/post to our blog! Love good music? Please subscribe to become a member here – it’s cool and it’s free!

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