Online Music Distribution – BPMster / TuneDome: DI.FM

BPMster Online Music Distributors (on TuneDome): DI.FM

This page belongs to a valued global music distribution channel, partner or affiliate working personally with TuneDome founder Luke Kelvin (BPMster) or with TuneDome. TuneDome has two goals: one is to promote EDM talent through TuneDome EDM Network (more info), and the other is to offer a reliable digital music distribution channel to help EDM producers reach out to their global audiences in all languages.

A Message from DI.FM to TuneDome / BPMster Partners

EDM producers of many styles, tempos and moods who use TuneDome Records for release their tracks internationally and/or work with BPMstr / BPMSTER.COM to release music internationally will enjoy resources available via this excellent music platform. The full name for DI.FM is Digitally Imported. It is one of many online distribution platforms offered by, which was founded in 2004 and is one of the busiest electronic music hubs on the planet. We deliver high quality MP3 and WAV music downloads, Branded T-shirts, CD decks, Headphones, Record and CD bags, Studio Equipment and much more. If you release your music through TuneDome, your music will gain exposure by appearing on and/or on one of its many affiliate music distribution channels.