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This page belongs to a valued global music distribution channel, partner or affiliate working closely with TuneDome or with BPMster (Luke Kelvin) – TuneDome founder. TuneDome and BPMster personally have two goals: one is to help promote EDM producers through TuneDome EDM Network (more info), and two is to digitally distribute uplifting dance music internationally to reach out to global music festival, concert and club audiences.

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EDM producers using TuneDome Records to distribute their tracks or to release music through BPMstr (BPMSTER.COM) or through TuneDome Records will benefit from the many resources available on the Rhapsody platform. Rhapsody is, quite simply, the ultimate digital jukebox: For $10 a month you can listen to whatever you want, whenever you want, on whatever gadget you choose, from the hottest new releases to our decades-spanning catalog of 13 million – yes, 13 million – songs. That’s why EDM producers who are serious about their releases need to be on Rhapsody… and TuneDome Records will make sure this happen! And if you’re not sure exactly what you feel like listening to, allow our crack team of musical experts to ply you with personally tailored recommendations, playlists, cheat sheets, essays, arguments and delightfully random tangents, holding forth on everything from the highlights of Hank Williams’ massive oeuvre to the albums that directly influenced Nirvana’s Nevermind to a detailed beginner’s guide to the music of Colombia to the biggest hip-hop releases in the last month or so – and that’s just one day’s work. All that for $10, playable on your computer, your phone or on more than 70 electronic devices, from Internet-connected stereo systems, TVs and DVRs to your favorite portable music player. Take your music everywhere – and we mean everywhere – via our free smartphone apps. Make your own playlists and share them with your friends via our new social features. Listen to nearly 100 personally curated radio stations – from ’80s Hits to Blue Note Jazz to Classic Soul to Alt-Country to Christian Rock – or make your own station. So: hear the music you love now, discover the music you’ll fall in love with next, and take it with you wherever you go. Welcome. Rhapsody works with Luke Kelvin (TuneDome founder, aka BPMster) to deliver dance music to global audiences every day.