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Echoes of Spacetime by BPMstr (Luke Kelvin): EDM news from Music PR Agent™

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Echoes of Spacetime: the Divine Noise from BPMstr

Echoes of Spacetime - Hard Dance EP from BPMstr - the Artist of the Tempo (Luke Kelvin) - from TuneDome RecordsEchoes of Spacetime by BPMstr (the Artist of the Tempo) is the culmination of a 13-minute hard dance trilogy consisting of a hardstyle track with an amazing hard trance super-build, plus two inspirational hard anthems. BPMstr - the Artist of the Tempo - Luke Kelvin - BPMstr.comIt is a noisy masterpiece with beautiful supernatural vocals (the ‘echoes of spacetime’), but it has no spoken words and connects wonderfully with international audiences. This record that has enjoyed wide Beatport support and 10.000+ S.C. plays in the first week – from a rookie-indie producer who has no manager or booker or media agent! The downloads are free – and please submit your feedback…