In Spirit of Collaboration

Let’s Collaborate on More EDM Projects!
TuneDome is Just the Beginning

TuneDome EDM Network founder - Luke Kelvin (a.k.a BPMstr)Hi, I am BPMstr | The Artist of the Tempo. My name is Luke Kelvin. I founded and released TuneDome EDM Network on November 1 (2012) to enjoy what I love most – make Electronic Dance Music (story) and to share my passion with others who make electronic music – you!

TuneDome EDM Network is free and was created to do exactly this - COLLABORATE!My TuneDome crew and I honestly don’t think that any project or idea can be too big or too small – only people can be too lazy or too snobby! So, let’s work together. This is why we created TuneDome EDM Network – to get inspired and to collaborate!

Please get in touch with us if you can think of a way that the TuneDome team and you can work together on a cool project or gig (set up a rig at the next Burning Man, a new EDM venue, a cool co-op idea to promote your new tracks/albums or events, etc). TuneDome Contact page is a good place to start: it contains our phone numbers. We’d love to hear from you soon.