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  • Girl in headphones dancing to electronic musicTuneDome is free: it’s free for everyone, but you may be asked to log in securely to participate or submit content.
  • Who is in: talent managers, booking agents, party-goers, festival crowds, DJ’s, producers, EDM critics, independent artists, venue managers, etc.
  • Basics: this is your chance to promote, share and – if you’d like – even release your music (label info), as well as to connect with others who are passionate about or produce electronica.
  • How it works: you become a free member and submit your music/idea to us… we promote it, publish an editorial about it (yes, free) and network to connect you with people who can help turn your music/concept into a global success.
  • Our topics: we are diverse and fun – enjoy, read/watch, and please submit your ideas/tracks so we can talk about you on this site to help you grow.
  • Photo: BPMstr (Luke Kelvin) - TuneDome EDM Network founderAbout: TuneDome was founded by BPMstr (Luke Kelvin) to unite, to inspire, and to promote professional growth among EDM artists.
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